Original House Portraits

Below are some house portraits I have done in the past on commission.  I've done more and can show you them, but this gives you an idea of the flavor/style of my portraits.  Contact me if you are interested and we can decide what's best  and the size for you.  I will Come to your house and take photos and/or use yours, sketch your house  for your review prior to moving forward. These are done on canvas , heavy impasto acrylic paint using pallet knife, and gallery wrapped on a professional stretcher bar.    I paint/create these portraits over a 3 month time frame giving me sufficient time to enhance it as needed.  I mount the painting in an area that I can look at it every day and see what nuances I may add as I desire.  This is not a quick, production process and the end result will show it.  Feel free to call me if you have any questions about it.